brave and open

Saw this beautiful ship at the MET, NY last weekend and thought of my course-mates. Cheers Vikings.

Amy’s MOOCs: Professional Digi-velopment blog says it best:

IMG_2926 Iran c. 15 century MET, NY

An Open Mind…and a brave heart – our gear for  learning without boundaries.cropped-img_2122-e13613022212642.jpg

(My week one message) To our EDCMOOC teachers: please show us how to lead by example– if the google chat is simply more chalk and talk and has no artifacts of its own to present you will have missed a huge opportunity.

(I see now, week 4, they have us feeding off one another and have used week 2 and 3 to build examples).

One link I can add:

Old but worth considering…


Education – v- entertainment  – is there a difference?   Could MOOCing become gamified learning?

So now I ask myself – if the message is the medium – what am I talking about?

Can we be brave and open to the future while also being nourished in the beauty, knowledge and mystery of our shared humanity.


Etruscans Bronze, at the Met, NY.



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